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The school has a wide range of policies covering the different aspects of school management and provision.

Here are a few of the key policies.

Challney High School for Boys Policies 2016-2017

CHSB Behaviour Policy & Procedures

CHSB Curriculum Booklet 2017

CHSB Curriculum Policy

CHSB Exams (Under revision to be uploaded soon)

CHSB Lettings (Under revision to be uploaded soon)

CHSB Marking (Under revision to be uploaded soon)

CHSB Teaching for Learning (Under revision to be uploaded soon)


Travel Plan Document



Please contact the school for copies of our other policies.



Chiltern Learning Trust Policies 2016-2017

CLT Admission Arrangements from September 2017

CLT Appraisal

CLT Charging and Remission

CLT Child Protection

CLT Complaints

CLT Conflict of Interest

CLT Data Protection

CLT Equality

CLT Freedom of Information

CLT Principal Accounting

CLT Investment

CLT Reserves

CLT Fraud

CLT Health and Safety



CLT Risk Management


CLT Risk Register

CLT Staff Code of Conduct

CLT Safeguarding

CLT Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND)

CLT Whistleblowing

CLT Trustees' and Governors' Allowance Scheme 



To visit the Chiltern Learning Trust website please follow this link.