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About Behaviour Hubs

When schools are safe, disciplined, and positive environments, teachers can teach, and pupils can learn – free from disruption. The Behaviour Hubs programme can support school leaders by providing expert help to improve their school’s behaviour cultures. Behaviour Hubs is a one-year programme for schools, with the option to extend for a second year if needed, and a two-year programme for MATs. The programme is fully funded by the Department for Education (DfE) and provides schools with support, training and advice aimed at improving pupils’ behaviour and generating sustainable, cultural change which is tailored to each individual school. The programme partners schools with a Lead School who has an exemplary track record in behaviour culture to provide senior leaders with bespoke support. There is also a stream for MATs who will be partnered in a similar way with a Lead MAT.


“A student’s experience in school remains one of the most insightful indicators of later life success in any one of a number of metrics. For many it is the best chance they will ever have to flourish. How they conduct themselves at school is crucial to that experience. Helping them develop good behaviour is therefore one of the most important tasks a school faces.”

Tom Bennett, Lead Behaviour Adviser to the Department for Education 



Further Information

For more information about applying to the Behaviour School Hubs project, see the Department for Education’s website here

To arrange a visit to the school contact: Chris May cmay@challneyboys.co.uk 

For an informal conversation about the support we can provide schools in establishing an excellent culture and behaviour outside of the behaviour hub project, contact Chris May -  cmay@challneyboys.co.uk