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Committed to excellent standards of teaching in partnership with a variety of local and national organisations contributing towards system-wide improvement.

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Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Vision & Values

Our vision is to continue to be recognised as an outstanding school that demonstrates excellence in the academic achievements of our students through:

  • Our innovative approaches to learning and teaching
  • A 21stcentury curriculum that reflects the aspirations of our students
  • A wider curriculum that prepares our students for life in modern Britain and keep themselves safe
  • The care and commitment we show to our students and the wider community
  • The support that we provide to parents
  • Our ethical values and working practices
  • The adoption of new technologies to enhance and support learning and teaching
  • Our contribution to the development of learning beyond our own school
  • Our commitment towards our own personal and professional learning
  • The opportunities we give our young people to become confident and responsible global citizens.

On a daily basis our commitment towards this vision will be evidenced through:

  • Professional leadership and a solid support infrastructure
  • Personalised care and support
  • First-class facilities and working environment
  • A clear focus on learning, achievement and standards as measured by performance in tests and examinations
  • Partnerships that improve the school and the wider educational system
  • The continued development and review of the taught and wider curriculum with all stakeholders.

High-quality communications that enable us to:

  • Have an open dialogue with students, parents, staff and the wider community
  • Promote access and help people understand our shared vision
  • Create awareness of important issues.


Our Curriculum Aims:

To create:

  • Successful learners who make good progress and enjoy learning
  • Confident individuals who are able to keep themselves safe and lead healthy and fulfilling lives.
  • Responsible citizens who can make a positive contribution to not only British but a global society.
  • Students who are always ‘Ready, Respectful and Safe


Strategic Intents:

To develop a curriculum which:

  • Has a culture of high achievement for all
  • Takes into account individual needs and styles
  • Raises standards by working together
  • Embodies the aspirations and expectations of all stakeholders
  • Ensures deep learning and understanding of curriculum subject knowledge
  • Allows all learners to develop skills of research, independence, creativity, enquiry and reflection
  • Ensures there are rich and memorable experiences for all students
  • Ensures all learners can progress regardless of their background and prior attainment
  • Continually teaches and reinforces the understanding British Values and of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education
  • Is developed in consultation with all stakeholders

Specific Intents:

  • There will be clear and accelerated progress over 5 years for all learners, supported by targeted support and additional challenge for the more able so that all learners achieve a positive Key Stage 4 progress score
  • There should be depth before breadth. Learning time will be maximised in all subjects.
  • Each year there will be a Key Stage 4 review based on the specific needs and prior attainment of the Year 8 cohort
  • Additional time will be given to English and Mathematics to ensure that students have the essential skills needed for life and to access the full curriculum.
  • Our learners have aspirations in the fields of sciences, mathematics, engineering, marketing, business and computer science and therefore we will ensure our curriculum provides the highest quality delivery in these areas
  • Subject areas will work with other disciplines to ensure links across the curriculum are made in order to deepen learners understanding of key concepts and skills
  • The teaching of PSHE through curriculum lessons and ‘off timetable’ events will mapped to ensure a full coverage of the National Curriculum Programme of study which includes Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the Wider World
  • We will ensure our CEAIG programme is resulting in learners who are well equipped to leave our school with clear aspirations and the knowledge of how to achieve their career goals
  • New technologies will be used where appropriate in order to embed learning and prepare for life in modern Britain and the world
  • Our Pastoral teams will support and reinforce the need to be Ready (to learn), Respectful and Safe in order to achieve all our intents.


Please contact jwarren@challneyboys.co.uk if you require any further information regarding the schools curriculum offer.