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In Engineering, there are five key areas of opportunity to develop you super-curricular knowledge for studying Engineering at a higher level.

1. Online Lectures and videos

2. Documentaries & instructional videos

3. Visiting places of significance to Engineering

4. Attending Engineering trips & visits

5. Recommended further reading


1. Online Lectures and videos

Oxford University Lectures -Engineering 

EdX Engineering Lectures 

UCL Public Lectures - Science & Engineering 


2. Documentaries & instructional videos

 Inside the Factory - BBC series on mass production 

Free Documentaries - YouTube

Interesting Engineering - YouTube

Real Engineering - YouTube

Engineering Explained - YouTube

The Engineer Guy - YouTube

Building Giants - Channel 4

How its Made - YouTube

Practical Engineering - YouTube

3.  Visiting places of significance to Engineering

The National Museum of Computing - Bletchley, Milton Keynes.

Iron Bridge Living Museum - National Trust 

Jaguar Land Rover Factory Tours


4. Attending Engineering trips & visits




5. Recommended further reading


 Small Inventions that Made a Big Difference - Helen Pilcher - 9781787397873  - Allen & Unwin - AustraliaEngineers: From the Great Pyramids to Spacecraft: Amazon.co.uk: Hart-Davis,  Adam, Hart-Davis, Adam: 9780241298824: BooksMan-Made Wonders of the World: Amazon.co.uk: 9781465482525: BooksHow to Build a Car: The Autobiography of the World's Greatest Formula 1  Designer: Amazon.co.uk: Adrian Newey: 9780008196806: Books




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