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Committed to excellent standards of teaching in partnership with a variety of local and national organisations contributing towards system-wide improvement.

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Student Executive

Student Executive Cohort

2021 - 2022

Head Boy: Malachi  (front, 3rd right)    

Deputy Head Boys: Nathan (front, 2nd right) & Iljaas (front, middle)


Who Are We? 


Our Student Executive body is made up of twelve students. We each strive for the positive development of the school and its students. As a cohort, we share a wide array of experiences and expertise, including but not limited to a strong academic passion alongside public speaking skills, organisational skills and leadership skills, which all compliment each other to create a high-performing group.

We all had to undergo an extensive selection process to get our roles, including a written application, a team-building exercise/ presentation, and an interview. This ensured only the highest calibre of applicants and those that accurately represented what is meant to be a true '5 Star Challney Student' were chosen. The student executive body is led by the Head Boy and two Deputies, who act as the supervisory basis of the team and a point of contact for the headteacher.

As students, we work with different members of the SLT so that we branch across the entirety of the school's running. Working with Mr Parmar and Dr Evans, we strive for the greater use of the online learning platforms available for us. With Mr Mailer, our current focus is on bringing back the Challney Oracy Group (Debate club) to improve our students' public speaking and critical thinking skills. We are working with Mrs Warren on our school website's Futures Evening Hub section.

We are also looking into the Careers Section of our school website to expand students' knowledge of what lies beyond secondary school. In regards to safeguarding, we are working with Mr Khan and Mr Church, helping to encourage engagement with surveys to maximise the safety of our students. Finally, our executives are working very closely with Mr Connor to effectively promote key school life factors such as attendance, online learning and student leadership.


Student Executive Cohort 2021-22