Challney High

Chiltern Learning Trust

The Chiltern Learning Trust is a multi-academy trust currently comprising of Denbigh High School, Challney High School for Boys and Dallow Primary School.

It seeks to promote and celebrate the individual and collective achievements of all the schools by providing the very best education and qualifications for our learners in a pleasant, happy and caring academic environment.

The Trust is led by a Board of Trustees which consists of representatives from all three schools with Adrian Rogers as Chief Executive. The Trustees have extensive experience of education and corporate governance and a shared desire for high standards and excellence in all that we do. Each school also has its own local governing body. 

Although each school retains its individual identity and history, the desire for excellence and high achievement for all learners, regardless of their background or ability, is the common underpinning feature of all three schools. We work together, using our very best teachers and leaders to raise the outcomes and opportunities for every child, sharing best practice and expertise amongst staff to raise participation and narrow gaps in achievement.

Developing excellent attitudes to learning in its widest sense and fostering respect, courtesy, consideration and friendship are also central to the ethos of our school communities. We also work extensively with other schools locally and nationally through the Chiltern Teaching School Alliance and Challenge Partners, a national school improvement network. 

The practicalities of the Trust arrangement also enable us to retain a strong central team of specialists with expertise in finance, marketing, facilities management, staff training and development, technology for learning and human resources, helping to ensure that the outstanding quality of teaching and learning is mirrored in the day-to-day running of the schools. 

Chiltern Learning Trust Commitment

The Chiltern Learning Trust is committed to ensuring that all students in its schools:

  • Enjoy learning during and beyond school
  • Strive to achieve the very best in everything they do
  • Think carefully about the consequences of their actions on other people
  • Are well-prepared for life after school
  • Have the knowledge, understanding and skills to be responsible citizens and lead successful and happy lives regardless of where they live.

To support this commitment, schools in the Chiltern Learning Trust will:

  • Provide high quality learning experiences.
  • Support the spiritual, emotional, moral, cultural and physical development of all students.
  • Develop leadership skills.
  • Celebrate academic, sporting or creative talents.
  • Offer a range of sport, music, drama, art and other activities.
  • Listen to the views of students.
  • Make sure they provide students with good advice and guidance for the future.
  • Work with parents/ carers to help them support their child’s learning.

This means that student in Chiltern Learning Trust schools will have the opportunity to:

  • Take part in assemblies, sporting festival/competitions, play a musical instrument, sing in a choir, be involved in a dramatic production or go on a residential trip.
  • Attend an artistic, cultural or sporting event in or beyond school.
  • Help others through voluntary activities.
  • Meet and work with students from other Chiltern Learning Trust schools.