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Super Curriculum

What is the Super Curriculum?

These are activities that relate to subjects you are learning in school, but go beyond what is taught in the curriculum and the classroom, for example more depth or breadth. 

How is this different for Extra-curricular activities?

Extra-curricular activities are outside of the core school curriculum. For example, volunteering, being part of Student Voice or being a House Captain.

Why is the Super Curriculum vital for students looking to progress into further education (Sixth Form and University)?

              1. Universities will want to see evidence of subject interest beyond school work.

              2. Universities will want to see evidence of skills relevant for further education such as critical thinking and communication.

              3. Universities will want to see evidence of skills for the relevant course such as application of historiography if you want to study History.

              4. Universities will want to see evidence of high academic achievement and potential through deeper learning.

Record your engagement with the Super-curriculum using this template. Remember to make your own copy before using it. 

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Year 10

Year 11


Recommended super-curricular activities from Oxford University 


Recommended resource list of super-curricular activities from Oxford University

Super Curriculum – Presdales School & Sixth Form | Ware | Hertfordshire