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Committed to excellent standards of teaching in partnership with a variety of local and national organisations contributing towards system-wide improvement.

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Vision & Values

Our vision is to continue to be recognised as an outstanding school that demonstrates excellence in the academic achievements of our students through:

  • Our innovative approaches to learning and teaching
  • The care and commitment we show to our students and the wider community
  • The support that we provide to parents
  • Our ethical values and working practices
  • The adoption of new technologies to enhance and support learning and teaching
  • Our contribution to the development of learning beyond our own school
  • Our commitment towards our own personal and professional learning
  • The opportunities we give our young people to become confident and responsible global citizens.

On a daily basis our commitment towards this vision will be evidenced through:

  • Professional leadership and a solid support infrastructure
  • Personalised care and support
  • First-class facilities and working environment
  • A clear focus on learning, achievement and standards as measured by performance in tests and examinations
  • Partnerships that improve the school and the wider educational system
  • The continued development of a global dimension to our work.

High-quality communications that enable us to:

  • Have an open dialogue with students, parents, staff and the wider community
  • Promote access and help people understand our shared vision
  • Create awareness of important issues.