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COVID 19 Update

Monday 14th September 2020

School has got off to a smooth and purposeful start to the new year and the boys are all doing an excellent job of following the COVID security routines to minimise the spread of infection. We will make sure that we keep parents and the community updated with any developments.

Inevitably, there will be cases from time to time of children testing positively for the virus and, when they do, we follow all the Public Health England guidelines to the letter.

To date there has been one case, in Year 7, and two teaching groups are working at home remotely and self-isolating for fourteen days as a result. In keeping with the Public Health England guidance, no other students in Year 7 need to remain at home unless they are unwell with symptoms of COVID 19. All students in other year groups should also be in school as usual.

We ask parents to remember that, if any child in their family is unwell with COVID 19 symptoms, please arrange for them to be tested and inform the school of the result. Please also remind your children of the importance of hand hygiene at home and at school and also of the importance of following the ‘Catch it. Bin it, Kill it’ routine.

If you have any urgent queries, please email admin@challneyboys.co.uk.