Challney High

Comic Relief 2019

At Challney Boys we pride ourselves on our high standards of generosity, Sports Relief / Comic Relief events is just one charity our school strives to raise as much as money as we can for.

Comic Relief is a global charity which allocates half of its money in the UK, and half of its money worldwide. The world’s poorest communities are given all sorts of aid, physical and mental health support. In the UK, Comic Relief funds meals for the homeless and provides therapy to those in a vulnerable mental state. Their work is amazing.

In 2018, we set ourselves an ambitious target of £2,100, and with all our hard efforts, we raised £2,766! This year, we set ourselves a difficult target of £3,000!

The preparation was extensive, to say the least. Thoughtful planning of each event was required, an example planning logistics such as pricing and supervision. The Marketing leaders, some student executives with the support of the PE department helped bring the activities to life. Each event was an amazing success!

At the time of writing, we do not have the final figures, we have raised £2,000 so far but some events are still to occur. We are sure however we will reach our target of £3,000. Thank you again for your generosity, without you we could not raise such an eye-watering amount of money.

Aman Sultan
(One of the Comic Relief leaders)