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Congratulations to the Challney Boys Class of 2020

It has been a tough year for the class of 2020, to have to deal with school closure and the abandonment of exams just as they were entering their final stages of revision.  The governors and staff of Challney High School for Boys are delighted though, that their hard work and the hard work of their teachers over five years at high school has been recognised in their excellent, final GCSE grades.

Despite all the confusion and anxiety of recent days, the eventual system of Centre Assessed Grades has allowed all our students to have their tremendous potential reflected in their final outcomes. Particular congratulations are due to the many students who achieved the very top grades of 7 to 9 across all their subjects.

 Our boys showed grit, dedication to learning and tremendous independence. As a result, they have got the grades they deserve, in the truest sense.  Rest assured that getting these grades was no easier than if they had sat exams. Teachers applied diligence, professionalism, integrity and their excellent knowledge of each individual’s capabilities to conduct assessments that were scrutinised rigorously both internally and by professionals from our Academy Trust; so the class of 2020 can feel immensely proud of their achievements, particularly in such difficult circumstances, knowing that their results truly reflect their ability.

 We are immensely proud of this group of boys who will, we know, go on to further and higher education, to apprenticeships, to universities and to highly successful careers in all walks of life, building on the excellent foundations they established at high school. We wish them happiness, fulfilment and unqualified success in the next stages of their educational journey.

 We must remember, also,  that exam results are only part of the story of learning and it is important that we take this opportunity to celebrate the immense achievements of so many of our leavers while they were at our school. The Student Executives, the House Captains and Sports Captains, the Parent Ambassadors and Teaching Partners, the School Council Members, the Charity Workers and Librarians, the Debating Team, the brilliant cricketers, footballers and badminton players, the mentors, the members of the Green Team and all those students who were always ready to learn, respectful to everyone and safe in their conduct. Well done Class of 2020.