Challney High

Duke of Edinburgh

Do you want to learn new skills?

Meet new people?

Help your community?

...and be recognised for all of this?


The Duke of Edinburgh Award at Challney High School for Boys is an opportunity not to be missed. It is a way of recognising all of the great projects you get involved with. It also puts you on the top shelf in terms of your CV when applying for jobs or higher education establishments. Just think, what are you going to say in your interview about what you did that little bit extra at school?

For more information about the DofE scheme take a look at and see what it takes to achieve an award.

You can only apply for Bronze in the year you turn 14 (usually Year 9) and Silver in the year you turn 15 (usually Year 10).

There are still places left on both the Bronze and Silver Award schemes if you are interested please contact Mr Thomas via to request an interview slot.