Challney High

Meet the New Student Executive Team

Since the launch of the Student Executive initiative, our school has seen an outstanding boost in levels of leadership demonstrated by all students in the school. The Student Executives are Year 10 students from their respective houses who have had extensive leadership experience and went through a tough selection process.

On a Friday Evening in December, 21 students who successfully passed the first stage of the application process (Written application) were invited to stay after school to have an interview with the Headteacher, Mr Connor, their Head of House and a Student Executive from their respective houses. A group task lead by the prior Student Executives followed. After one anxious week, letters of success were sent home to the now 13 Student Executives of our school.

The Student Executives of 2018 had a successful year in their role. Part of their job was to represent the school in assemblies and parents evening. Before handing over their prestigious roles to the new Student Executives, they held a fundraising event and raised £1,500 for charity.

The new Student Executives have had a great start to the year so far. The launch of the Student Voice has been a successful one with the school now having a larger insight from students to improve our place of learning. The Luton Foodbank efforts were also led by the Student Executives which had outstanding success.

If you are in Year 7, 8 & 9, indulge in the many leadership opportunities open to you and you may find yourself in this prestigious role.