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In Politics, there are six key areas of opportunity to develop you super-curricular knowledge for studying Politics at a higher level.

1. Keeping abreast of current affairs.

2. Recommended reading

3. Podcasts

4. Documentaries

5. Television

6. Debate


1. Current Affairs

The Day


BBC News


Politico Newsletter - sign up here


2. Recommended reading 


Politics: Ideas in Profile - David Runciman  (In Y4)


A Very Short Introduction to Political Philosophy


Tony Benn’s Diaries


Sapiens: Yuval Noah Harrari 


The New Silk Roads by P. Frankopan 


Orientalism by E. Said 


Utopia for Realists – Rutger Bregman


3. Podcasts 

Talking Politics - David Runciman & Helen Thompson. Contemporary political analysis from Cambridge academics. 


Talking Politics - History of Ideas. 


The NS Podcast


Political Thinking, Nick Robinson


A History of Political Thought   


A Level Politics Show

4. Documentaries



Blair and Brown: The New Labour Revolution   (BBC iPlayer)  


Thatcher: A Very British Revolution   


Suffragettes with Lucy Worsley     


The Cameron Years    


Brexit: The Uncivil War     


Fahrenheit 11/9 (Netflix)


13th (Netflix)

5. Television


Yes Minister/Yes Prime Minister


Have I Got News For You


6. Debates 


Oxford Union Debates